Friday, October 25, 2013


This time of year I like to organise my wardrobe. One of the items I love to look at on the net are the amazing walk in closets that people have. I do have a walk in wardrobe but it is not as luxurious as many of these.

I do think an organised wardrobe help you gets dressed quicker in the morning.

A lazy weekend ahead my husband is traveling abroad so helping him to get organised and tidying up the garden for the winter ahead.

Of course getting ready for Halloween although my children are older I love  the fun of the children all dressed up calling to the door.

I love the big lampshades and stool

The chair and table add such style

So organised

My favourite so stylish

My wardrobe space needs a little more bling.

Some Halloween items

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Halloween fun.

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  1. It's the third photo which has caught my attention. I would love my shoes and clothes to be organised like that - almost like a shop!! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Dear Inge,nice wardrobes!!!I like the 3rd too!!!
    Have a Happy Halloween weekend!!!
    My love to Ireland!!!

  3. Having shoes inside a dresser ... hm ....

  4. Have a lovely weekend Inge:)

  5. those closets look fantastic! i choose the first one :)

    a possible fantasy

  6. There is nothing so wonderful as an organised closet, loving these pics. Mine is just Ikea and doesn't have enough lighting but even color co-ordinating it made me feel better - and as though I had lots of different wearing options