Sunday, June 10, 2012


If you received this months Gloss Magazine with the Irish times. I recommend you read the article about Cianne Naji.

Cianne is a 21 year old with cystic fibrosis which is a life threatening inherited disease.

Cianne gives a very candid honest interview in which she talks of her love for wakeboarding, her fashion line and the way cf has affected her life.

She has taken many decisions in her life in relation to her health and is all too aware of the consequences. She is a non-compliant patient who gets the most from life.

As somone who has lived with a family member who has had serious issues all her life . I am all to aware of the impact serous illness has on the individual their family and friends.I found this article so brave, informative, thought provoking and clearly about a girl who lives life to the full.

In a week when I have been moaning about the weather i think this made me think a little more (not that i would not like the sun to shine)I would urge you to read this great article. You can also read the article online at

Photos via the gloss