Tuesday, February 26, 2013



As you know I love the freshness of navy and white in interiors. Here are a couple of my favourite looks at the moment. I think navy or blue adds such a great combination to white and adds life to any room. I think it is a particularly good look for a boys room or holiday home .

Have a lovely week.

All photos via Pinterest

Friday, February 22, 2013


It is another weekend and winter has come back with a vengeance it is so cold so it's back to scarf gloves and hats. I do so envy my readers in warmer climates.

In order to cheer myself up and add some colour I love to buy flowers. Here is a little look around the house.

I love these little hats that I have put on my bottles in the kitchen. People knitted them in aid of age action and they were sold with innocent smoothies and €.25 from each sale went to this great charity for the elderly. They make me smile when i am cooking.

It is a quiet weekend around here it's time to do the many jobs on my to do list ie. spring clean.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I hope the sun shines.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Well it is the start to a new week and the sky is bright and I have a spring in my step hoping we are finally leaving the awful winter weather behind us.

Lots of people were out in their gardens pruning their plants back in hope of the summer. All the little buds are out.

I had a lazy weekend with some gardening, rugby, body balance in the gym and lots of eating.

My daughter was in Paris from college last week and brought me back some lovely macaroons.
I had them with my lovely morning coffee.

I hope to a good spring clean of my wardrobe this week and look at my summer clothes to see what I need for the coming season.

I love tulips this time of year

Have a lovely week

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I do not really celebrate valentines day or as I heard someone call it hallmark day. We do exchange cards and a small gift but I prefer to be surprised with flowers on another occasion.
I showed my daughter my gift for my husband the heart wooden wreath (pictured below) and she laughed saying that is really for you . She is probably right. I thought it would look lovely in our holiday home.

I also like to go out to a meal when it is less busy. I feel valentine it is a real time for teenagers. I remember at that age waiting for the postman to arrive.

I do like to celebrate love but in a more thoughtful way. I prefer it to be romantic and surprising.

I will be celebrating the most wonderful love as my younger sister gave birth to her first child today a little girl no name yet.

Have a lovely romantic day tomorrow full of joy and happiness.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Another new week and a thought that I think makes such sense.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Well it is a weekend of rugby again Ireland are playing England so the entire country will be watching this event. I hope to have a leisurely weekend and would love to watch some movies.

I went to Dundrum shopping centre yesterday to look at summer clothes but it was so cold and wet I spent my time looking at the winter clothes left in the sales. I think shops need to reconsider their winter clothes and bring in new stock in January because I do not know about you but I am fed up wearing the same items and would love to buy a warm outfit maybe with a little bit of colour.

Here are a few of my favourite looks at the moment with a dark theme.

Have a lovely weekend blog friends.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cleaning v Computer

Well firstly well done Ireland on winning the rugby it was a very exciting match.

I went out to town on Saturday night it was a surprise and went to Jaipur on George's street I would highly recommend it. It is a very stylish Indian with superb service and excellent food.

As a result of my late night I was a little tiered and only did a little spring cleaning of the guest room. I spent a little too much time on my iPad so I think this quote is very apt.

They are forecasting snow this week I really hope we escape.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Well it's February thank god it seemed like a endless wet January (moaning over). As Ireland is playing Wales this weekend in rugby I thought I would have a green theme.

Green seems to be a particularly popular colour for summer. I do not have much green in my wardrobe but I do think it will be one colour I will add this season.

Looking forward to a spring clean around the house this weekend.

Have a fun filled weekend and a happy February.