Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well the excited traveling son has left on his travels to Greece. I cannot believe how quiet the house is how much food is still in the fridge and how tidy the place is. Although I will breath a sigh of relief when he returns safely there are some benefits.

I enjoyed the food fair at the weekend and bought some lovely sour dough bread, French soaps and lots of plants for the garden.

The weather is so muggy and yet the sky so grey it is difficult to know what to wear.

I have a busy week as I am heading on my holidays at the weekend so I am busy packing and catching up with friends and family before I head off as usual I am trying to fit in everything in a couple of days.  I also need to leave a full fridge and pantry .

I have bought a couple of things in the sales but not too much this year.  Have you bought anything?

Have a fun week

Stalls at the food fair

Zara shorts I bought

Massimo dutti silk shirt looks better in reality

I am just loving roses at the moment

Saturday, June 22, 2013


It is my daughters birthday today here are a few picture from last nights celebrations as we are going away for the weekend we celebrated with a Thai meal and 2 cakes the lovely fiat 500 cake was a present and is a biscuit cake and really delicious the second cake I made it tastes good but maybe was a little let down in the looks department.

Weather has changed so I think I will be taking out my shorts and floaty tops and putting in jeans and trench coat instead.

The food festival takes place in Dunmore East over the weekend if you are in the area it is well worth a visit.

Off to the gym now after all that cake last night.

Have a fun weekend.

My cake

The detail was so good

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We are hoping for a little sun here this week.  Busy helping my son get ready for his first sun holiday with his friends to Greece (I did not allow him go on a leaving cert holiday which is very popular here in Ireland).  I am trying to emphasise the importance of sunscreen I am hoping it is not falling on deaf ears.

We had a great time at our party which was a lovely family event. They are a very musical family and former irish dancing champions so music and fun were the order of the evening.

I am still sick believe it or not so I am getting up today with a positive attitude because I am fed up feeling ill.

I am counting down to my summer holidays I leave for the south in 2 weeks.  It is not just the packing for 6 weeks but it is also organising the house and family before I leave so there is a lot of lists involved.

Looking forward to the Lyons rugby matches. I hope the Irish players play well.

If you are in Dunmore East this weekend the food festival is on .  I highly recommend this event which has lots of events including a food fare.

Hope you have a fun week


Apologies for this photo but my son took it and said I had 2 seconds for him to take photo hence I look pregnant.

Despite not eating for 1 week I have come to the conclusion that if I never eat I will be my ideal weight.
Imagine Elle mac Phearson is the same age as me I think she looks stunning in these photos. I always love how healthy she looks.  I can dream.

This is how I hope to be in 2 weeks time.

I took this picture of lovely flowers at a cottage in Dunmore.

Photos Elle via the Mail

Friday, June 14, 2013


We are all sick this week with a bug which I hope none of you get my son has lost 11 lbs as a result of this sickness so it is particularly bad.

The weather has sadly changed yet I am trying to wear summer outfits but by the end of the day after I have put on socks a scarf and fleece I look more like a bag lady.

This week has shown how we must respect the sea. As you know I go to the beautiful fishing village of Dunmore east most weekend. This week 3 fishermen the Bolger brothers left Dunmore east and sadly lost their lives as the weather changed. They were in their forties experienced fishermen who were wearing life jackets but died of hypothermia as the sea was so cold.  R.i.p.

I am staying in Dublin this weekend and attending a 40th birthday, taking out some warmer clothes and going to see my dad as its Father's Day.  Hope you have a great weekend.

These are the trousers I am going to wear .

With there's earrings

Happy Father's Day dad.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We had a lovely week of sunshine last week and I spent most of my time outdoors.  Here are some pictures of our Funtime.

We all enjoyed the sunshine

I had a little shadow

I read so many magazines

Some just chilled

Have a lovely week

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Weekend and Fashion

I have to admit that I so love stripes in summer whether with jeans or white trousers or even 
they are my everyday staple outfit.

The weather here has been glorious everyone is walking around with a smile on their face and a skip in their step and it is forecast to last through the weekend.

We are off to our holiday home so I am busy packing and cooking for those staying at home. Hope to get away early to avoid the Friday traffic.

We have had a week of barbecues and eating outdoors . I love to eat outdoors the evening seems endless and the meal so much fun. 

Hope you have a sunny fun weekend

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We had a lovely weekend the sun shone brightly so I took some pictures of the garden before the flowers bloom they are a month behind for this time of year. I will post some pictures when the flowers loom.

We had some lovely walks on the beach.  In fact we went for two walks a day because the weather was so nice.

I did manage to have breakfast in bed 

When I came home the flowers were out I love the colour against the grey of the wall.

Oh how a bright sky can put a spring in my step.  I also love the bright clothes I wear when the sun is out.

I wore my new necklace which I love it is not too heavy which was one of my concerns When i was buying it. I bought it on etsy.

I hope you had a sunny weekend and wish you a happy fun week ahead.