Friday, October 17, 2014

Dunes Stores Helen James

 I thought I would look at some Irish retailers who I love over the next couple of weeks.  

Dunnes stores is an Irish family business that seems to be here forever. It was known for its St Bernard's brand which was considered to be a discount brand.  In recent years it has been reinvented itself and is my favourite grocery store to shop in because of its quality, range and quality of products.

Where I feel it stands out is its homeware department it has introduced new ranges in collaboration with Paul Costelloe and more recently Carolyn Donnelly I will take a look at these ranges in the future.

The newest  range Considered by Helen James is quite simply stunning.  Helen qualified from The National College of Art and Design and headed to New York where she worked for Donna Karan and many more. She has returned to Ireland and collaborated with Dunnes on this range.

I just bought two items last week a candle and a dough scraper but I imagine I will be adding something to my grocery basket every week.  I was impressed with not only the design, style but the quality and price range .

I purchased from Dunnes Stores at the Beacon. You can see where the range is available on their website and you can purchase online and get it delivered to a store near you.

By the way this is not a sponsored post I just like this brand. Check it out at Dunnes

My  Basil & Fennel candle

The candle out of the box €12.50

Dough scraper €2.50

Helen James

The display at the Beacon

I love the brass range which includes a wide range of pans and moulds.

I will definitely buy this linen bag which helps keep your bread fresher

The pottery range

The baskets

Such lovely cooking accessories

Have a lovely weekend

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Shelbourne

Greetings from a bad blogger I suppose we all go through a bit of a lull so I am back and thought I would focus a little on best of Ireland places, companies and shops I love In Ireland.  I am delighted one of my first blogging friends Dimi from Greece is coming to visit Ireland and I thought I would focus on some of my favourite places.

The Shelbourne is one of my favourite places to visit. I celebrated many events here most recently my 50th it never disapoints in terms of atmosphere or beauty. It is a place that I am quite happy to sit alone waiting for friends and enjoy watching the world go by.  It attracts all sorts shapes and sizes and is a form of entertainment in itself.  As with any top class hotel it is exspensive and a treat but for a special occasion I do not think it can be beaten.

I went for afternoon tea as a treat with a friend on Thursdays and we had a wonderful afternoon.  It is like a lovely shawl being wrapped around you as you sit in the very comfortable seats and are looked after with the most impeccable service . The black dresses the ladies serving wear are gorgeous . You choose your tea from a wide range and are then served a glass of champagne with a selection of sandwiches and deserts , scones etc.  

It was full of everyone ranging from the romantic couple , the mother and her young daughter, older ladies with their friends, couples on holiday and friends like us.  We enjoyed looking  at the art, flowers and interior design.  You must book in advance they have 3 sittings. One faux pas I did make was my blouse matched perfectly with the lovely mulberry silk curtains so I fitted in perfectly.

Afterwards we went to the bar for a drink and watched the world go by. A lovely evening.

The Shelbourne is situated opposite St Stephens green park and just down the road from Grafton Street a lovely place to shop.

The Shelbourne Hotel recently featured in a behind the scenes programme on rte which was a must see. Great to see the personalities and people behind the scenes.

This is not a sponsored post it my personal view of a place I enjoy.

The Shelbourne

The entrance hall my favourite part

The amazing staircase

The room where afternoon tea is served

The tables

Should have taken the photo before we ate everything

The decor

Not the best photo I only had my phone but the flowers are amazing

Photos via myself and trip adviser