Friday, November 29, 2013


It has been a busy week started my Christmas shopping there is nothing I like more than ticking a present off a list.

I do not belong to the people who enjoy Christmas Eve shopping.  I prefer to have a relaxed day in grafton street watching everyone panicking and enjoying the atmospher.

We do not put up our Christmas tree until after the 7th of December it is considered to be bad luck.

But I do sneak in the odd item. I bought these two cushions in penneys and they make me smile every time I go by.

Some people have a shoe fetish I must admit I have a Christmas stocking fetishing only realised when I took the 20 stockings out.  Speaking of shoes aren't these sandals so beautiful. I do not know if I could walk in them but I would love looking at them.  

Hope you Christmas preparations are going well and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Penneys best

Just a small selection

Loving these colourful roses at the moment

So beautiful

The perfect dress for the sandals

A touch of sparke.

Have a lovely week

Thursday, November 21, 2013


It is so cold this week the heat is on full and soups are the number one choice for lunch. It feels like snow could be on its way but we are being assured it will not happen. It is definitely a scarf, hat and gloves weather.

I love my morning walk with Rocky and am lucky to live close to a number of parks. My absolute favourite is Endas park which is not as busy as many others and is a joy to walk in this time of year.
The colours of the trees are so lovely with squirrels all over the place.

It's time to get my Christmas list sorted so a busy weekend ahead.  Looking forward to red wine, candles, comfort food and a good film.

Have a lovely warm weekend.

Lots of warm drinks at the moment.

The lovely park where I walk most days.

I love this bridge the craftsmanship is so great. I watched the carpenter build it. Such an amazing talent.

Oilivia does it again. So chic and stylish.

She knows how to dress well in cold weather.

Scarf and gloves essential in this weather.

Loving this light from Bhs sadly they do not deliver to Ireland.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am thinking of going back to work. I know what a decision to return to the corporate world when so many people I know have taken redundancy or just decided to give up.

There is no right decision but I do miss work and now my children are in college I do feel I would like a challenge.

Do not get me wrong it will take a lot of courage to return to a world where  so many are half my age, technology has advanced so much and the pace and culture is so fast moving.But I do think with age comes wisdom, maturity and a sense of self belief.

Of course I do not have a wardrobe that is in anyway corporate so I will need to invest in some new clothes while taking care to stay within a limited budget.

Dresses are so popular for corporate wear and have the advantage of being one item you choose rather than a suit, trousers and top.  Some of victoria beckhams dresses look great but obviously the price is not plus I do not wish to wear spanks every day.

So I welcome your thoughts and advice as I reinvent my CV contact the employment agencies and dust off my black suit.  I realise that opportunities are rare so it may take some time.

Have a fun weekend

My motto for this week

I will be looking forward to Fridays even more

Will have to brush up on my keyboard skills

A victoria Beckham dress

A simple smart black dress

A cos comfortable dress no need for spanks

Also a cos outfit suitable for dress down Fridays.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I do love colour and one colour I love at the moment is blush pink. I have a selection of some looks I like. I think it is a feminine colour.

I do not know about you but I seem to be going through a blogging lull at the moment. Maybe it is the time of year waiting for the build up to Christmas.  

Hope you have a great weekend planned. We are going into town on Saturday for a little shopping and some lunch looking forward to it.

A great winter classic coat

I love this blouse so feminine and pretty

I had a jumper like this in my teens

A little flower from my garden

I so love this look so stylish

Such a pretty evening outfit.

My friend is getting a beagel pup this weekend. Oh how their lives will change. But what fun and love they will have.

Have a fun weekend.

Friday, November 1, 2013


It was a busy week here my husband was abroad so I was a busy providing taxi service on my own.  But one great benefit was I had such great sleeps as my husband is a snorer and if you are a victim you will understand so well.

Halloween was great I love the cute little children calling to the door full of excitement.

The weekend will be rugby, yoga and going out for dinner,

The weather has got much colder so the scarves, gloves , hats and wooly jumpers are definitely being worn.  I seem to be loving grey at the moment. Here are a few of my favourites.

Have a lovely weekend.

This is a very luxurious wrap

Great to have on your couch

My friend has this bag . This colour goes with everything.

I am a fan of snoods particularly when watching rugby matches.

Just looks so warm.

I have this top. It is so cosy

Perfect outfit

I am going to try and make this pizza over the weekend. So funny. Hope you had a fun Halloween.

I went to Jamie's Italian in dundrum last weekend. I would recommend it friendly staff, great atmosphere, good food and excellent value.  We had a great evening.