Thursday, November 7, 2013


I do love colour and one colour I love at the moment is blush pink. I have a selection of some looks I like. I think it is a feminine colour.

I do not know about you but I seem to be going through a blogging lull at the moment. Maybe it is the time of year waiting for the build up to Christmas.  

Hope you have a great weekend planned. We are going into town on Saturday for a little shopping and some lunch looking forward to it.

A great winter classic coat

I love this blouse so feminine and pretty

I had a jumper like this in my teens

A little flower from my garden

I so love this look so stylish

Such a pretty evening outfit.

My friend is getting a beagel pup this weekend. Oh how their lives will change. But what fun and love they will have.

Have a fun weekend.


  1. Lindos looks e adorei os cachorrinhos! Ă“timo fim de semana, tudo de bom,beijos,chica

  2. You found some lovely items, Inge! I especially like the coat and blouse, pretty color. The beagles are adorable. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  3. Gorgeous post Inge....enjoy your shopping and lunch trip.The puppies look so cute!

  4. Yes, this is a very elegant and feminine color.And your photos make us dream!

  5. Dear Inge, what a beautiful selection of cloths!!!
    Like pink color!!!Cute puppies !!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!!
    My love to Ireland!!!

  6. I love pink but the bight hues rather than the pale ones.

  7. Thanx for dropping by! The flower you picked from your garden is so lovely! Ah, I do love the effortless style of that style that you like too and puppies are so much fun and lots of responsibilities too and I hope your friend have a lovely time with her new beagle pup.

  8. i love blush pink!!! it's such a beautiful color. i always have a blog lull in November. hahaha i stopped Thursday and i'm just looking at the computer again. i'm looking forward to December.

  9. I had a beagle once and had to give it to a farmer nearby, it was not suited to household life! I walked it and walked it and still it wanted more, it would destroy the house any time I went out.

  10. Am loving all this pretty pretty pink, so flattering and soft!

  11. I think all this blush pink is a really refreshing change from the usual autumn colours and you have chosen some great examples. The coat looks so stylish yet cosy too!

  12. So elegant and cute post!