Thursday, August 29, 2013


It has been a busy week and a little stressful my mum was meant to go for surgery but sadly she had an infection so it was cancelled but she was in the theatre at the time so you can imagine how upset she was.

The weather is grey but very warm so I am still wearing a combination of summer and autumn clothes a little like a bag lady.

I went out to the whitefriars grill on Aungier street I would highly recommend it great food company and super value.

I wore my new minna blouse and bag.

I am off to the sunny south east for the weekend to drain the last bit of sunshine and fun.

My son is off to electric picnic so great excitement in our house.

Just returned from a few hours in ikea my daughter wanted a desk I love to shop but ikea is just for me.

Have a lovely weekend

Whitefriar grill

Minna blouse & India hicks clutch

This is where I will be this weekend

My daughter bought this for my morning latte

I bought this cutlery in Ikea

Loving my sunflower arrangement.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Summer has arrived back and we are all cheerful here wearing our shorts again, barbecuing , gardening and wearing sun cream.

So all thoughts of winter clothes are banished my only concession is I am looking at cookery books looking for new winter recipes.

I have a busy weekend of rugby, out to dinner on Saturday night and a little running if I get the time.

So to celebrate summer again here are some of my favourite pictures.

Have a fun filled sunny weekend and enjoy the bank holiday if you are in the Uk.
Sun flowers with sunshine

 I love this chocolate plant it smells like chocolate if you are not familiar with this plant.

So true

I like this blouse and colourful bracelet

I bought these lulu guiness sunglasses

I wish I could do this over the weekend but sadly I am in the city.
 Grace Kelly looks so chic here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well I am back home and utterly depressed I am so missing sea air, beautiful views, tennis and fresh fish. It has not helped that it is raining today and I still have so much to unpack and do.

As any mum who has been away for many weeks it takes a while to get the house back to normal and a lot of cleaning and sorting needs to be done..

I cooked a lovely roast lamb today it feels like the seasons are changing and it is time to look at winter clothes.

A little bit of flower love I brought back

We are all missing the beach

I am loving this outfit

This is similar to  what I am wearing most days

I just love this quote made me laugh so much. I think it is very true.

Have a fun weekend. I am sure I will have cheered up by Monday.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


It is time for a little fashion envy from the ever so chic Olivia Palermo she has been holidaying in the south of France with Valentino on his yacht (I am laughing you would think I know her personally).

But how stylish and chic does she always look and also so ladylike. I think she rarely makes a fashion mistake and is so well groomed.

II think she is like a modern day Grace Kelly.

Pictures via the mail.

 This is my favourite what a pretty beach cover up

She manages to make dog walking stylish

A perfect combination of striped shorts and colourful top


Monday, August 5, 2013


Last days of this wonderful Summer  are definitely on countdown.  I am savouring every last minute of the sea air, long walks, tennis, reading, blogging, dog love, fish, healthy living and great friendships.  

This has been a summer that I shall remember as fun and sunny. How lucky I have been.

The packing starts soon that is the worst part coupled with checklists and closing up the house.

Here are a selection of photos from my summer

This is where I have spent much of my day

We are all enjoying the last bit of sunshine

Naan bread ready for dinner for friends

Prawn curry

The finished article

I love this arrangement

I love the variety of flowers from my garden

Such cute colours

I will miss this waking on the streets of Dublin is just not the same.

Remembering Mary with such sadness today.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Countdown has begun to the end of my holiday. Just over one week left.  My husband is now on holidays but as if on queue the weather has changed dramatically.  We have had many thundery downpours at the moment.

I had to go home for a day yesterday and it made me realise how much I adore living beside the seaside and having such wonderful scenery at my doorstep.

We have friends coming to visit so I am busy getting the spare room ready.

Have a lovely weekend

I will miss this view

The garden has really come into full bloom

I have spent most days in shorts

Rocky has enjoyed the seaside life also

I like the beach theme decor of this photo

 Bedding for the spare room