Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well I am back home and utterly depressed I am so missing sea air, beautiful views, tennis and fresh fish. It has not helped that it is raining today and I still have so much to unpack and do.

As any mum who has been away for many weeks it takes a while to get the house back to normal and a lot of cleaning and sorting needs to be done..

I cooked a lovely roast lamb today it feels like the seasons are changing and it is time to look at winter clothes.

A little bit of flower love I brought back

We are all missing the beach

I am loving this outfit

This is similar to  what I am wearing most days

I just love this quote made me laugh so much. I think it is very true.

Have a fun weekend. I am sure I will have cheered up by Monday.


  1. Think of lucky you were at the beach! :)

  2. It is always hard when one returns from a holiday to fit back into daily routines. I cannot bear the thought you are thinking about winter clothes already!

  3. Takes me around two weeks to get everything back in shape. Though the day we got back we had some people around so i had to at least clear rather than clean. Your house looks so pretty with the purples and blues and greens

  4. Dear Inge,i'm back and i do'nt feel so well!!!
    So many things to do in the house and in the garden!!!
    But it's very early for winter cloths!
    Maybe in October!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Hope you are settling at home Inge...I hear the good weather is supposed to come back next week:) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. No summer don't be over. It's been flying by to quickly. Here's hoping for a long and warm autumn before winter kicks in.

  7. Lovely bouquet!
    I disagree with that quote lol :)