Monday, August 5, 2013


Last days of this wonderful Summer  are definitely on countdown.  I am savouring every last minute of the sea air, long walks, tennis, reading, blogging, dog love, fish, healthy living and great friendships.  

This has been a summer that I shall remember as fun and sunny. How lucky I have been.

The packing starts soon that is the worst part coupled with checklists and closing up the house.

Here are a selection of photos from my summer

This is where I have spent much of my day

We are all enjoying the last bit of sunshine

Naan bread ready for dinner for friends

Prawn curry

The finished article

I love this arrangement

I love the variety of flowers from my garden

Such cute colours

I will miss this waking on the streets of Dublin is just not the same.

Remembering Mary with such sadness today.


  1. Such lovely shots, you are lucky to have such a great summer.

    Sorry for your sadness ...

  2. Lovely photos Inge...It will take a lot to settle back home after such a lovely summer by the sea:) Take care
    Anne xx

  3. What a lovely post Inge!!!
    Such beautiful photos of your Summer house!!!
    Preety flowers too!!!Enjoy the last days that left for your holidays!!
    Have fun!!!My love to Ireland!!!

  4. Lovely-yummy pictures!

  5. Lovely photos. I can see that you are going to miss your lovely time by the sea. I think this year we have been very lucky with this warm weather. It certainly makes a difference.

  6. suddenly i want homemade naan and curry!! what beautiful pictures, your flowers are so gorgeous!

  7. I saw one of your comments on another blog and just had to pop over and visit. I don't know many other Inge's! The photos are lovely, and the flowers are beautiful.

  8. Hello Inge,

    Sorry for my late visit, I have tried visiting one by one, very nice post,Oh my ....beautiful place where you spend your summer holidays.
    mmm so yummy the prawn curry,making me hungry. The view is amazing.
    wishing you a great time