Friday, October 25, 2013


This time of year I like to organise my wardrobe. One of the items I love to look at on the net are the amazing walk in closets that people have. I do have a walk in wardrobe but it is not as luxurious as many of these.

I do think an organised wardrobe help you gets dressed quicker in the morning.

A lazy weekend ahead my husband is traveling abroad so helping him to get organised and tidying up the garden for the winter ahead.

Of course getting ready for Halloween although my children are older I love  the fun of the children all dressed up calling to the door.

I love the big lampshades and stool

The chair and table add such style

So organised

My favourite so stylish

My wardrobe space needs a little more bling.

Some Halloween items

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Halloween fun.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Rain rain go away

 It is utterly miserable here today a day for staying indoors lighting some candles , eating chocolate and watching a movie.  I do not mind the cold but this rain makes me miserable.

So I have tried to do a positive rain post.

Here a few things that might cheer you up on a wet day.

Wearing pink

Sitting in a cafe watching the world go by

Wearing your new boots

Lighting your favourite john rocha candles

A lovely candlelit bath

A walk with a loved one in the rain

Wearing perfume

A cuddle from your favourite dog.

Have a lovely weekend

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Animal print

 I am going through a little bit of an animal print phase. Being sick in bed has given me too much time to surf the net and worse still buy buy buy.  I now know the name of the Dhl delivery man how sad is that.

With animal print I do think less is more but then when you see the coat I bought you may not agree.

I am trying to be a little less Beth from cornation street and a little more Olivia Palermo or Kate Moss. For thoese of you from abroad Beth was a barmaid on a tv programme who wore very tight low cut outfits and put the cheap in leopard but she was funny.

So here are a few of my favourites. Have a lovely week.

 Beth from cornation street

My coat from A wear

A lovely purse

A makeup bag . I love these sandals

A scarf for a little leopard

Lovely summer trousers for holidays

If you want to overdose

Leopard goes so well with denim

Sienna miller always looks stylish

A skirt and stripes an unusual combination

Oh so funny

Well have I overdosed you on animal print? 

Have a lovely week.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


It is simply miserable weather here this week such heavy rain even by irish standards but it is also warm so knowing what to wear is very difficult.

My trench coat really comes into its own at this this time if year.

I have chosen some looks I really like.

Thank you so much for my get well wishes you are so kind. I am slowly on the mend I have a low imune system due to illness a number of years ago so I tend to find it difficult to recover from simple colds/virus so fingers crossed this is the last of my sickness for 2013.

I hope you are enjoying October  and are back to your routine after the relaxed summer months.

A lazy weekend is on the cards here with an evening out, rugby, yoga and lots of relaxation maybe even a romantic film on the t.v. It feels like its a weekend for lying  on the couch.

The trench can look both smart and casual

It looks great with jeans

Even white trousers

Love the freshness of this look

Willies are a good investment

A good umbrella is a must

Enjoy your weekend