Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's Friday and the weather has been lovely for the last couple do days.  It is a bank holiday weekend so we are off to Dunmore east for the weekend. I seem to have spent my week unpacking and packing again,washing  and filling a fridge for hungry children.

I hope to take walks on the beach, eat fresh fish, potter a little in garden and read a book.

What are you up to this weekend?

The one benefit of all this rain is how great the garden looks here are a couple of photos from this week.

Have a fun weekend.

The wisteria is just ready to bloom


I liove our old granite wall

The honeysuckle is particularly pretty.

The roses on the wall are not out yet

Via vogue

Monday, May 27, 2013


I am back from two glorious weeks in Portugal and it did rain there also. What a lovely restful relaxing break we had. We stayed in the suites alba resort and spa.  I would certainly recommend this resort for couples or young families but teenagers would be bored silly.

I have come back refreshed and did miss my blogging friends.  Wi fi was literally non existent if you stood on one leg with iPad in one hand you might occasionally get a little signal. Bit this was a good thing I read so many books and magazines.

It was lovely to come back to sunny weather and break out the barbecue sadly today is wet again.

I am off to yoga and a week of detox back to reality for me.

Have a lovely week.

This was the view from my sunbed

The gardens were spectacular

A lovely infinity pool not a great picture

The lovely sea view

The villas

Wednesday, May 8, 2013



It was a lovely weekend in Dunmore East and the sun shone brightly. What a spring in your step a little sunshine gives you. 

Holiday Time

So looking forward to relaxing, sun bathing, reading books, eating local food and of course a little wine. Not to mention wearing summer clothes.

 We will be celebrating our special weddIng anniversary and my husbands birthday. Yes all our fun happens in the one month.

 I think the Internet connection may be a little limited so I may be taking a little imposed blogging break so please forgive me if I do not comment on your blog.

We all needed a little shade this weekend.


Tomorrow is my birthday one year to a big birthday. I hope to escape for the day and either go into town or to kildare village for a little retail therapy.

So blogging friends I hope you have a lovely fun 2 weeks and I will try to drop in every now and then lots of hugs.

Friday, May 3, 2013


It is. Bank holiday here this weekend so we are busy packing for a long weekend away. It is difficult to know what to bring as it is supposed to rain. I hope to have a lazy weekend with lots of walks, healthy food and even read a book. I feel I have neglected reading as I spend so much time on my iPad.

It is just one week to my holiday and I am busy packing I am so excited I think it must have been the long winter but I cannot wait. Here is a little of what I have packed.

Sandals gap,blouse Zara, necklace etsy,earrings asos,trousers boden,shorts gap I would love to know how to do a polyvore image but I seem to be unable to do it with my iPad.

Hope you have a lovely long weekend full of fun and happiness.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



I must say I have always liked how queen maxima of holland has dressed. I thought the outfits she wore for her husbands crowning of king of the netherlands were very appropriate, regal and yet she managed to be fashionable.

I know everyone may not like this but I sometimes wish the duchess of cambridge would dress a little younger I know she wins many best dressed lists but I think maxima is my choice she manages to dress as a royal and yet be fashionable and she is in her late forties significantly older than Kate.

All the photos are from the investiture ceremony and celebrations.

What do you think?

Photos via hello, huffington post. The mail