Sunday, June 29, 2014

Olivia palermo

As you know I am a fan of Olivia Palermo. I love her chic ladylike style. Well she got married at the weekend and wore Carolina Herrera .

A beautiful stylish bride. Love the blue shoes. 

What a good looking couple he is model from Germany.

Wishing them a happy life.

Photos via the mail

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I am down in my holiday home for a one month holiday. I am hoping the weather will improve again as this week has been a little wet.

I pack my car to the brim and myself and rocky head down.  I bring most of my house because I love to cook, read cookbooks, paint, do yoga and play tennis.

It does take a little time to get used to being on your own and yet in many ways it is a good thing that maybe we should all do from time to time. Of course my husband comes down at the weekend and for holidays which is a great thing.

Last weekend was busy here with a triathlon and a food festival so it was a very busy village indeed.

We planted the garden so it flowers slightly later than Dublin so the garden is just about to come into full flower and looks great.

Hope you are having a good summer.

Wet Dublin

We went to Elbow concert unfortunately it was outdoors but the rain was light. It was held in The Royal Hospital Kilmainham a gorgeous venue.

They are playing at Glastonbury this weekend.

Sunshine in the garden

A new purchase from the food fair . The leaves are very silvery in reality.

Some lavender to plant

The garden is certainly green

This is what I plan on wearing this weekend.
Image via Pinterest.

My companion for the next couple of weeks

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It is a lovely sunny weekend and I am lucky to be at our summer home .  It's a busy weekend down here with a triathlon taking place and also the lovely food fair takes place on Sunday. So if you are in the area I would recommend a visit.

Both my children are away so it is a very empty house. We are like Darbey and Joan rattling round .

I have a busy week of packing ahead as I will be down here for over a month but looking forward to walks, tennis, yoga and maybe even the odd swim. Of course I will also include lots of alfresco dinners and some wine.

Hope you are having a lovely summer.

Here are some things I'm liking at the moment

Love this photo my son sent to his sister for her birthday. It was first day of school so many years ago. Happy Birthday Zoe.

Lots of walks here this weekend.

This is how to dress stylishly when pregnant. Stacey kiebler she always looks so chic and stylish. Kardashians take note.

Favourite flowers

This is a look I love. I am a stripes lady in the summer. But I love the bag.

A scarf I purchased from etsy recently.

Have a fun weekend

Friday, June 13, 2014


The sun is shining yippee . We have had so much rain recently. So hopefully this is the start of summer. It puts such a spring in my step when the sun shines.

I am off for the weekend to our holiday home lots of window cleaning and gardening but I'm sure il take some time to relax.

My daughter goes on holidays next week so it just be myself , my husband and the dog. I wonder will I find the house too quite?

Here's a little more from my holiday.

Holiday part 2

Simply superb seafood spaghetti

Such a lovely place to have a drink at our resort

Lamb and  sweet potatoe fries just perfect

I am not a desert person but I love to taste my husbands desert. Two spoons please is my motto for dessert. Do you do this?

A great walk with such fantastic views just beside the resort

Such an amazing salad. Such a great white dish. 

My one and only selfie just back from the beach with wet hair and sand in my toes.

You have to buy some local crafts

After all that food time for runners and the gym.

Have a fun weekend in the sun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'm back at last it took a little extended leave as my son was going to America for the summer sp I had a lot of organising to do.

I never thought I would say this but I miss his runners fired inside the front door, sweatshirt thrown on the couch, dishes not put in the dishwasher. The house is so quite and empty without him but I'm sure he's having fun and not missing his mother.

Our holiday was simply perfect so relaxing . The weather was slightly mixed in the second week but that was nothing to the rain we came back too. The resort is perfect for a couple it is quite, luxurious and not far from the town of Carvario . It is situated beside a small beach and has 3 small pools . I enjoyed using the spa and had reflexology and Indian head massage.  

I even cooked in a couple of evenings which I have never done before but the sea view from our room was so gorgeous we did not want to go out. Giant prawns in garlic with chilled rose what more could you ask for.

I hope you are all well and I look forward to catching up and commenting on my favourite blogs soon.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Part 1