Thursday, January 31, 2013


Cianne Naji

It was with great sadness that I learnt of the death at the weekend of Cianne. As you may remember I wrote a post last June following her interview in the Gloss Magazine.

In this article she spoke candidly about how she dealt with her cystic fibrosis and how she had made a decision to enjoy her life as much as possible and live every day to its full. I admired her honesty and strength of character and her attitude towards her illness.

Although I never met Cianne she contacted me to thank me for my post which I thought was so lovely.

When I looked online for a photo of her two things stood out her great smile and sparkling eyes.

My sympathies go out to her mum, dad, brother and many friends.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well it is another new week after a very lazy weekend. This was as much due to the weather as many sports events were cancelled due to the stormy wet weather.

I had a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed.

I bought some flowers to cheer me up. I also lit my lovely molton brown candle.

Made a lovely rasberry tart that did not last long.

Enjoyed a glass of wine while watching tv from the couch. Plus lots of blogging and reading.

But I really feel the need to reenergise. I am so looking forward to spring the budding flowers, brighter mornings and lighter clothes. Have a lovely week.

Friday, January 25, 2013



Chunky jewellery and statement pieces are very popular at the moment. Everything from large watches to multiple bracelets and large necklaces are so popular at the moment. The good thing is every price range is covered and shops such as asos and new look stock at very affordable prices. The right piece can really make an outfit.

Here are a couple of my favourite looks.

I hope to have a relaxing weekend with a lot of rugby. Best of luck to Terenure in the Senior Cup.
I will be well wrapped up in multiple layers as the weather here is still so cold.

I hope you have a lovely fun filled relaxing weekend.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I went shopping today in Liffey Valley and got two great bargains.

Estée Lauder Michael kors makeup bag
I would highly recommend this bag if you like pinks. It includes a great blusher, mascara, eye pencil, lipstick, lipgloss, nail varnish and brush. Unlike many offers I will use every single item and the bag is lovely. It is discounted to €39.95. If you have some money left over from Christmas I would recommend it. You will find it in Boots.

Terence Conran cushion. I had lusted after this cushion for a while but I have 8 cushions on my sofa so I could not justify it. But like every one else I love a bargain down from 40 to 7. Unfortunately it was the last one. I bought it in a blu colour.

I also love this lovely chair not for sale yet and a silly price but who know I could be lucky again.

Have you got any bargains in the January sales?

Monday, January 21, 2013



Well it finally snowed here this weekend as I live near the mountains we usually get the worst of the weather. Although it is raining now so it will all melt soon enough.

I would love to write a post on summer outfits but as I am not in Australia I suppose I should focus on how to keep warm but still look chic in this cold weather.

A good coat and warm boots are essential. I always think gloves, scarf and hat are invaluable in cold climates and if you have children playing in the snow you can never have too many scarves, gloves or hats.

As usual olivia gets it just perfect.

Friday, January 18, 2013



We are awaiting snow here I can already see it in the distance on the mountains. I am still in bed this cold wet weather is playing havoc with my asthma but feeling a lot better today. Thank you for all your kind wishes.

So all this snow talk means a weekend of comfort food ie roast chicken, homemade soups and apple crumble are on the cards.

While I am looking at the gorgeous summer clothes on fashion sites I am definitely in more of a warm woollens mood.

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend keep warm and safe.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


As we are all probably suffering a little from the January blues as the excitement and fun of Christmas is behind us and the visa bill has arrived. I think this is a very apt post that makes us appreciate the great things in life family, friends, health and happiness .

Monday, January 14, 2013


Thank you all for your lovely comments I am feeling much better but this cold weather always affects my asthma so fingers crossed it is not going to snow as predicted. Although sometimes I think it gets a little warmer when it snows.

So I have put away my decorations and did a little organising around the house. I like to add colour this time of year as the light outside is so dull and grey.

So here is a little look at the flowers around my house.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Like so many people I am sick I thought I had got rid of my cold but it is back again so I am under orders to stay in bed.

So I will be sleeping, reading and looking at blogs all day.

Hope you all have a fun filled relaxing weekend.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I think this is so very true and a good motto to have in life.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


After seeing the picture of Kim kardashian revealing a lot in her gym gear. I thought horror of horrors what if the person behind me In spinning saw the same sight enough to put them off their dinner I think.

So I went sportswear shopping.

I got a couple of pairs of Capri leggings from MPG.I usually get lulu lemon but I liked the colours of these.

I bought a pair of yoga trousers and top from calmia my favourite for yoga clothes.

Finally I bought a Nike top for running as I hope to return to running this year.

If nothing else I will feel good in my new clothes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Well I am sure you are planning for the year ahead looking at the half open boxes of chocolates, the last couple of crackers, the pine needles on the floor and the Christmas cards and decorations that need to come down.

It is time for a spring clean on my house and I think I need a spring clean myself. A little detox is a good idea healthy food no alcohol and lots of exercise and fresh air. I always think the house looks so bare this time of year when the decorations comes down so I love to buy flowers.

Like so many people I have a cold and am tucked up in bed reading so many lovely blogs.

I received a lovely award from Marcela Gmd I so love her blog she combines fashion and art two of my loves she has such style.