Friday, September 27, 2013


Well it is so warm here this week and unfortunately I have been sick in bed all week.

This has cost me a lot as I have been bored and spent a lot of time shopping on line.  As you know I am a summer person and I know I should be buying trousers, jumpers and jackets instead I went on a little shorts buying spree. I know it makes no sense but I get so much more pleasure from bright clothes and there are some fantastic deals.

Gap has €25 euro off if you spend over €100 plus free shiping if you spend €75 this is a great deal. I bought shorts, 2 jumpers and a pair of trousers.

I love j crew and they had 30% off sale and in some cases 50% they ship to Ireland and they calculate taxes on your bill which is great because there is nothing worse than the Dhl man arriving looking for cash for tax.

If you are near Dundrum House of Fraser has 25% off many items and 10% off beauty.  LancĂ´me has 20% off this offer end today so I won't be availing of this.

A weekend of relaxation and tidying the garden and house is in order.  We got a skip so this is always an incentive to do a clear out. We might even manage a barbecue.

My gap purchases

My shorts from jcrew I will let you know what they are like when they arrive.

Time to prune and clean

Lovely sunset from this week

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We are having and Indian summer this week just as I have put away my summer clothes away and taken out my boots and warm clothes. One of the minuses of this mild changeable weather is we all have a cold.

I came across this checklist from matchbook magazine which I think is really helpful when we are trying to edit your wardrobe.

Here are some outfits I think work for this summer/ autumn weather.

 Via matchbook. (Sorry I have tried to make this photo larger)

Love these shoes

Ideal for this weather

Cigarette trousers work well in this weather

So chic I love white trousers and denim.
Photo via vogue

Have a fun week

Sunday, September 15, 2013


This is my motto for this week and hopefully for the year. Have a fun filled week of happiness and don't forget to leave that gate open.

It just makes me smile every time I see this photo.

Friday, September 13, 2013


It has been a busy week my son celebrated his 21st on Monday.

It is countdown to college which begins on Moday.

I babysat my little niece marley the first time I had babysat in over 21 years.  She survived and so did I in fact I had a great time and brought her to the zoo. While she had no interest whatsoever in animals but she blew bubbles and laughed and I had such fun.

I would highly recommend the zoo to any visitors to Dublin it is situated in the Phoenix park and is truly spectacular. I am a great lover of the hippos and the rhinos the little baby was out.

This weekend we will stay at home lots of work to be done in the garden which needs to be cut back, rugby returns and I hope to play some tennis.  Hope you a fun filled weekend.

No pictures of my son he is very camera shy.but a view of the table decorations.

I did manage to get her asleep for 10 mins

The rhinos
The baby is at the front with her mum

Zebras and giraffes

Weather has changed and is very dull

I like this coat for winter looks like zara but I am not sure where its from.

Thanks for dropping by have a fun weekend

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The sun has been shining all week but we have been warned that this is to change and get a lot cooler and wet.

It is sometimes difficult to know what to wear when the seasons are changing.

As you know I love summer clothes and am not a lover of winter items so I try to get every last wear from my summer clothes.

Here are a couple of outfits I think work very well this time of year.

I like the beige cardigan and lightweight bag with the patterned trousers.

I think white trousers look great worn with a cardigan and chunky accessories.

Denim and white never fails to look well.

A maxi skirt and shirt if you are brave enough.

A trench and white trousers the perfect combination for this time of year.

I am off early for the weekend so have a fun filled sunny weekend

Monday, September 2, 2013


Children are back to school and as usual we get our Indian summer. The white trousers and
 Sandals are being worn and the cover is off the barbecue again.  My son returned home safely from electric picnic so pale tired and hungry but he enjoyed it so much.

We had a great week in Dunmore East the sun shone but the evenings are certainly much cooler and a jacket is certainly needed.

There were 2 triathlons taking place so lots of very fit people around the village. It was such a gorgeous location to start a race. I only went for a short walk and the winner was at the finish line they are such super fit athletes.

There was also a sailing competition which was so lovely to watch.

A busy week ahead trying to get into a routine but this will probably not happen properly until my two are back at college.

Have a lovely week.

The athletes at the start line

Running to start their swim

The boats going to the start line

More participants

We all enjoyed the sunshine

And the water

The view from the beach of the lovely thatch cottages