Monday, September 2, 2013


Children are back to school and as usual we get our Indian summer. The white trousers and
 Sandals are being worn and the cover is off the barbecue again.  My son returned home safely from electric picnic so pale tired and hungry but he enjoyed it so much.

We had a great week in Dunmore East the sun shone but the evenings are certainly much cooler and a jacket is certainly needed.

There were 2 triathlons taking place so lots of very fit people around the village. It was such a gorgeous location to start a race. I only went for a short walk and the winner was at the finish line they are such super fit athletes.

There was also a sailing competition which was so lovely to watch.

A busy week ahead trying to get into a routine but this will probably not happen properly until my two are back at college.

Have a lovely week.

The athletes at the start line

Running to start their swim

The boats going to the start line

More participants

We all enjoyed the sunshine

And the water

The view from the beach of the lovely thatch cottages


  1. Lovely photos Inge! My two boys are off for another 3 weeks before college begins!Have a good week:)

  2. Dear Inge,what a great post!!!!
    Your pictures are so beautiful!!!And what a lovely place to visit!!!The cottages,are my favorite!!!Have a lovely week and a happy new month of September!!My love to Ireland!

  3. I agree, such an unusual location to start a race, but so spectacular the photos you have taken! Oh, the dog on the beach, unbelievable!Unique!How is its name?

    1. It is called Dunmore East in County Waterford

  4. that is a great location for a race!! i hope the kids enjoy their days back in school!

  5. Here we are - back with the routines again. But they are the best, aren´t they? Lovely week!

  6. Beautiful photos!!! nice post!
    Have a great new month, dear Inge!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde Espa├▒a, Marcela♥

  7. You are right - it's such a perfect location to start a race and those cottages by the beach look pretty too.