Thursday, August 29, 2013


It has been a busy week and a little stressful my mum was meant to go for surgery but sadly she had an infection so it was cancelled but she was in the theatre at the time so you can imagine how upset she was.

The weather is grey but very warm so I am still wearing a combination of summer and autumn clothes a little like a bag lady.

I went out to the whitefriars grill on Aungier street I would highly recommend it great food company and super value.

I wore my new minna blouse and bag.

I am off to the sunny south east for the weekend to drain the last bit of sunshine and fun.

My son is off to electric picnic so great excitement in our house.

Just returned from a few hours in ikea my daughter wanted a desk I love to shop but ikea is just for me.

Have a lovely weekend

Whitefriar grill

Minna blouse & India hicks clutch

This is where I will be this weekend

My daughter bought this for my morning latte

I bought this cutlery in Ikea

Loving my sunflower arrangement.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mum Inge....hope she gets her surgery done soon. Love your top and clutch and the whitefriar grill sounds fab:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Dear Inge,i hope all the best for your mum!
    Gorgeous Minna blouse!!!I love it!!!
    I like shopping at IKEA!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend on that beautiful beach!!!
    My love to Ireland!!

  3. Love that blouse and clutch - so so pretty! And that reminds me, I must got to Ikea too to get some more cutlery - where does ours go to??? The same place as the socks I suppose. Beautiful majestic cliffs where you are!

  4. I have just been reading your last couple of posts. I'm not
    sure how I missed them. No wonder your Mum was upset. I hope she soon has the surgery and is soon better. The blouse and clutch are both lovely and the restaurant looks inviting.