Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day a little late.

In honour of the day I thought I would do a green post. I do not have much green in my wardrobe but I do wonder why.

Hope you are all keeping well. I am currently waiting for the eclipse.

Have a lovely weekend.

Such a lovely summer bag

A chic look

Grace Kelly looking stunning in her kelly green

A jcrew look I would definitely wear this

One of my favourite looks on Michelle Obama

A great contrast the green and purple

Happy Saint Patrick's day from Rocky


  1. Keep coming here and youre not here!! Happy you are on ig Inge Xx

  2. Am crazy about green, somehow more alluring and interesting that my usual blue, hidden depths

  3. Me ha gustado tu post.Me ha encantado tu bloc te espero esta semana con un post que va de fibras naturales para decorar, en

  4. Hello my friend, hope you are well. I have taken a four month (unscheduled break) from blogging. Pure procrastination! But love seeing this mint bag again - am currently obsessed with this color

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