Friday, February 21, 2014


Lupita Nyong’o is a breath of fresh air. She is so ladylike and stylish and unlike many of her contempories ie Miley Cyrus she shows you do not need to show a plunging cleavage or wear next to nothing in order to look good.

She exudes style and has a great love for colour.

She came to light in 12 years a slave. A film my children have said is incredible if you can manage to look at the cruelty ( I am not sure I could).

She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn with a modern twist. I hope she remains unspoilt and true to her self.

Have a lovely weekend.

In 12 years a slave

The perfect dress at the golden globes .

This gucci dress is such an amazing colour.

A simple dress

She looks so happy

Such a great smile. Love the black and tourqoise  combination

So pretty

At the pre oscar party

I love the pop of leopard on the shoes

At the Baftas this week. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


I am definitely getting old. 

I forgot to wish all my lovely blogging friends a Happy Valentines Day. Although I do not like the commercialism of the day. I do like to celebrate love and kindness.


So in honour of this wet, windy cold day I think this picture sums it up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


We are often having every type of weather in one day. Rain, wind, sun, sleet and snow. It is very difficult to dress for this type of weather and look good. I find my everyday look is skinny cords, boots and casmere jumpers with a scarf and that's just indoors.

So here are some outfits that I think work well and I like a little bit of colour.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe in these awful storms.

 Lovely grey with jeans

A bright outfit

A chic wrap coat

A very smart outfit

I like the pop of leopard

Of course pink is so cheerful this time of year

Grey and white a nice combination

Trench coat essential in this rain

A camel coat goes with everything

Some daffodils to cheer me up

Friday, February 7, 2014


Well the kitchen makeover is almost complete. The kitchen painting is finished but I better warn you that you may need your sun glasses as it is very bright and blue.

I took the photos with my iphone but the quality is not so great (if anyone else knows the sollution to iphone fuzzy photos please let me know).

I chose two different colours for the presses one I am very happy with and one turned out to be a little too tourqoise blue for my liking so I may change it in time. But overall I am so pleased with the final result. It is so fresh and modern.

The painter I used was John Magee 08776187297. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has a great team of professionals who are great painters with high standards and the quality of the workmanship is superb. Plus they are pleasant good humoured workers.

It is still wet, wet and cold hear in Ireland my heart goes out to anyone whose house is flooded.

Here's hoping for Spring to arrive.

This is probably the closest picture to the true colour.

The island

The blue goes well with the appliances

Larder unit

As you can see the colour changes in different lights

I love this print

I bought this light in homebase to add a little stainless steel

My Nigella Lawson canisters match

Have a lovely weekend.