Saturday, June 21, 2014


It is a lovely sunny weekend and I am lucky to be at our summer home .  It's a busy weekend down here with a triathlon taking place and also the lovely food fair takes place on Sunday. So if you are in the area I would recommend a visit.

Both my children are away so it is a very empty house. We are like Darbey and Joan rattling round .

I have a busy week of packing ahead as I will be down here for over a month but looking forward to walks, tennis, yoga and maybe even the odd swim. Of course I will also include lots of alfresco dinners and some wine.

Hope you are having a lovely summer.

Here are some things I'm liking at the moment

Love this photo my son sent to his sister for her birthday. It was first day of school so many years ago. Happy Birthday Zoe.

Lots of walks here this weekend.

This is how to dress stylishly when pregnant. Stacey kiebler she always looks so chic and stylish. Kardashians take note.

Favourite flowers

This is a look I love. I am a stripes lady in the summer. But I love the bag.

A scarf I purchased from etsy recently.

Have a fun weekend


  1. I love my stripes too! It's probably my favourite print. What a cute birthday card. Have a lovely sunny weekend.

  2. I love stripes too, I keep buying them. Loving those tan boots on Stacy they make the shorter tunic look incredible. What an adorable card - Happy Birthday Zoe!

  3. Hi Inge ....what a sweet card,hope Zoe had a lovely birthday! So nice to see your lovely photo in the previous should post more!! Enjoy your summer house,hope the sun stays shining:)

  4. Happy birthday to sweet Zoe,Inge!!I hope you will enjoy your weekend!Have fun!!!

  5. sweeeet!!!
    do you follow each other?
    let me know!

  6. Where you are sounds absolutely delightful! You're going to have an amazing time. Stacy Keibler looks so chic!

  7. I have missed the M & S peonies this year - bereft!