Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Well the excited traveling son has left on his travels to Greece. I cannot believe how quiet the house is how much food is still in the fridge and how tidy the place is. Although I will breath a sigh of relief when he returns safely there are some benefits.

I enjoyed the food fair at the weekend and bought some lovely sour dough bread, French soaps and lots of plants for the garden.

The weather is so muggy and yet the sky so grey it is difficult to know what to wear.

I have a busy week as I am heading on my holidays at the weekend so I am busy packing and catching up with friends and family before I head off as usual I am trying to fit in everything in a couple of days.  I also need to leave a full fridge and pantry .

I have bought a couple of things in the sales but not too much this year.  Have you bought anything?

Have a fun week

Stalls at the food fair

Zara shorts I bought

Massimo dutti silk shirt looks better in reality

I am just loving roses at the moment


  1. The food fair sounds like fun and the bread is yummy! I love the shorts and the cute shirt. Your flowers are beautiful. I hope you have a great trip and week ahead.

  2. Love that shirt and the shorts make me want to visit Zara! Lucky your son, Greece is so much fun and so gorgeous!

  3. Hello Inge,

    Thanks so much for your visit. wow, beautiful place above.Happy to have you in my blog.
    I bet you are preparing for summer holiday by now.

    wishing you a great week ;)

  4. Nice shorts and shirt!!!
    Have a good week, Inge!!! g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  5. I bet your son is going to have an amazing time in Greece! :)

  6. The roses look great, love the bowl!

  7. Hallo Inge!I'm sure your son is having a great time in Greece!!The weather is super!!
    I like the things you bought!!!I bought some for my self too!!!
    Hope you'll enjoy your hollidays!!Have fun!!My love to Ireland!!

  8. Your son will be fine although I do worry when mine are away too!! Hope you got all your packing sorted!

  9. I love that shorts and the roses in the vase.
    So your son is comming to Greece, lucky him the weather is really hot the last couple of weeks!!!


  10. The weather has actually been rather summery this weekend. I only said "oh it's too hot" once and I told myself off straight away! Hope the nice weather sticks around but as long as it doesn't get too muggy.