Monday, July 1, 2013


It is a grey day here today so I thought I would do a fashion post on a lady who loves to wear colour and wears it so well and she is not in her twenties.

It is the Queen the lady who wears colour better than anyone I know ( not that I know her really) .her main dressmaker is Angela Kelly and with a name like that she comes from Ireland.

Which outfit do you like the best.

Photos via mail , my royals

I love this picture this was taken when her horse won at Royal Ascot.


  1. I think light pink and purple suits her very well!

  2. Oh my dear!I must say Inge,i like the hats!!!
    She looks so elegant!In the city i was born,Melbourne,i remember the British Anthem, God Save the Queen,that we sang at school!!!Now,they don't!
    Have a lovely new month of July!