Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been lucky enough to play tennis most days down here.   I think I need to update my tennis wardrobe.  I have been too lazy to go into town so I have been surfing the net and here are some of my favourite outfits.

I think on the right person a simple dress can look stunning. Simple works best so I would not be a fan of Serena Williams outfits.

I think Maria Sharapova rarely gets it wrong.

I play in the park in what I think is one of the most stunning venues to play tennis in. The views are amazing.

Have a lovely weekend.

This is a nice simple outfit

Stella McCartney

I like this green dress

A great selection of colours


  1. Hallo Inge!!!
    My little daughter likes to play tennis!
    I like most pilates and swimming in the sea!
    Nice outfits!!!Have a lovely weekend!
    My love to Ireland!

  2. I don't play tennis but I love very much this sport.Thank you Inge for your kind words, see you at the end of August!

  3. I really like your selection - just a shame I'm so hopeless at tennis or I would enjoy choosing and wearing one of these!

  4. Lovely choices Inge! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  5. Inge,

    Eu acho lindo esse esporte, mas nunca o pratiquei.
    Uma linda semana! Abraços.

  6. The first one is my absolute favorite! I like it simple and straight and I think white is THE color for tennis and summer! Are you really playing in that park? It looks wonderful! Christa