Friday, June 22, 2012


Where would we be without a true friend who is there for the good times and bad. Who laughs and cries with you. Who tells you that outfit does not suit you or you look super.


  1. Yes it is true and a lovely thought for today! Luckily I have a few close friends I can count on whatever happens:) Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I'm sure your lovely cake went down well last evening:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Thanks for joining in with "green day".

    I was going to ask some of my bloggy friends to look at your blog
    and follow as it is lovely
    thought I would ask you first though
    because maybe you want it "sort of private"?
    let me know.


  3. Love that expression "look super" makes me feel so warm. I would be nowhere without my friends

  4. I would love that many thanks.

  5. I'm visiting from Raindrop & Daisies Green Day.

    I like this quote - very true.

  6. I am visiting from Raindrops and Daisies too! You are a beautiful gal - above in your post and busy. May I borrow your picture up above that is sure pretty. Sandie

    Okay and this is some friendly advice to help your blog. No word verification - some people won't follow you because the words are so hard and it takes so much time to do it. You can put on that comments have to be moderated by you before they are posted instead. And following those who follow you is good too. Hope this helps.