Monday, September 17, 2012


Sometimes tragedies happen that really are so sad and make no sense at all. I suppose because I come from a farming background and have been a rugby supporter all my life this tragedy has had a great impact

At the weekend It appears that on the family farm the family dog fell into a slurry pit and then the father Noel slipped and fell in while trying to rescue it. His eldest son Graham then tried to rescue him followed by his brother Nevin. Their sister also tried to help. All 3 men were overcome by the fumes and tragically died. Their sister was rushed to hospital and has luckily survived.

Nevin was just 22 and was a very gifted rugby player he played for Ulster and won young rugby player of the year in 2011.He was destined for great success and would certainly have played for Ireland at senior level. Everyone who knew him said He was a quite, good humoured, kind person who had great faith and remained unaffected by his success.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this incredibly sad time.

So as we all face the start of another week where everyone is back to school and college and all their extra activities and we seem so busy and stressed.
We must be so grateful that our family will be coming in the door to us this evening


  1. What a sad story. A real tragedy for the family and the community. My thought and prayers go to the family. It does make us all very grateful that our families are home and doing well. Take care and have a great week!

  2. What a shame,very sorry about those people.Have a nice week Inge.

  3. You also Dimi hope the sun shines

  4. What a terrible tragedy-to lose one after another in an attempt
    to save the dog. They should have gas masks around those pits.
    I feel really bad for the family. I hope they can go on.

    On anther note your header is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Hello Inge

    My heart is broken for that family today
    and also for the family of the little girl in Tullamore
    - so so sad.