Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I do not really celebrate valentines day or as I heard someone call it hallmark day. We do exchange cards and a small gift but I prefer to be surprised with flowers on another occasion.
I showed my daughter my gift for my husband the heart wooden wreath (pictured below) and she laughed saying that is really for you . She is probably right. I thought it would look lovely in our holiday home.

I also like to go out to a meal when it is less busy. I feel valentine it is a real time for teenagers. I remember at that age waiting for the postman to arrive.

I do like to celebrate love but in a more thoughtful way. I prefer it to be romantic and surprising.

I will be celebrating the most wonderful love as my younger sister gave birth to her first child today a little girl no name yet.

Have a lovely romantic day tomorrow full of joy and happiness.


  1. For me love is celebrated each day :)

  2. Dear Inge,i like your wooden heart.My daughter laughed with me too!!My best wishes to your sister!Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!Did you saw the The Rock of Cashel (Tipparery)on my today post?I'm dreaming to visit it one day!Happy Valentines Day!

  3. What a cute wooden heart wreath - I like just small thoughtful gifts on Valentine's Day and agree that it's nice to have little surprises at other times in the year. A new baby in the family - how exciting!

  4. Hello Inge,

    I agree with you! My husband is fortunately very romantic and most days are like Valentine's day. I hate to celebrate Valentine's day publicly.........I hope your husband liked the wooden heart! It is the sort of thing I would by mine......for me too!

    Have a lovely day.

    Sophia x

  5. Congrats to your sister Inge...would love to be buying all the baby clothes again. enjoy your day:)

  6. O importante é celebrar o amor.
    Um lindo final de semana. Abraços

  7. Love the pretty heart. Congrats to your sister and her new baby girl. We should be celebrating love everyday. Have a happy weekend!

  8. UAU!!! Lindos corações para celebrar o amor! Beijos!

  9. I'm sure you will love being an Auntie to that sweet baby! Congratulations to your sister!