Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am so glad it is the weekend I always find January a tough month the excitement of Christmas is over, you have eaten too much and need to detox plus the visa bill arrives.

But on the good news front my daughter has finished her final exams and has got a job in fact her dream job.

I will show you the rest of Carton House Hotel so you can see the old part and how they have managed to combine the old and new architecture in such a great way.

This time of year I particularly love flowers and candles to brighten up my day.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Sorry the quality of the photos are not so great a wedding had taken place earlier so I could not go in until late at night when most of the light had been turned off. But I still think you can see the beauty of the building.


 The lovely old fireplace

Grand hall

Christmas Tree

The hall again

Decor and Detail

A cosy sitting room

The great detail on the wall

Details of the ornate ceiling

Great furniture

Flowers and candles to cheer me up.


  1. Carton House Hotel is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to your daughter and on getting her dream job! WTG!!! HAHAHA Receiving the bills this time of year, gives everyone a big jolt of reality. I know it did for me. HAHAHA

  2. Dear Inge,i'm so happy for your daughter getting her dream job!!Great new indeed!!!
    The Carton hotel is very beautiful decorated inside!I like your pictures!!
    Have a lovely weekend!My love to Ireland!!

  3. So many beautiful design details. Both parts of the hotel are stunning in their own special way. Congratulations to your daughter. How wonderful to be starting her dream job. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Glad to hear these good news about your daughter Inge! You must be proud of her! This hotel is majestic!
    Happy week end dear!

  5. Somehow January is hard to cope with, agreed! Enjoy your weekend

  6. Lovely photos Inge...delighted your daughter got a job so quick! Hope you enjoyed the weekend:)