Monday, May 30, 2011


Such a great picture and so timeless


  1. I followed the link over from Green Day but I think I might be in the wrong spot. I'll say "hello" anyway, just so you know that someone came to visit. :)

  2. Hi Inge,

    You haven't shared the correct link for your photo
    so others are having trouble commenting.

    When you are on the post you want to share with the green pic
    copy and paste the link of "that paticular post" and not the
    blog link.

    Do you want to try again later
    delete the photo you posted on Green day and repost the right link
    as a few have mentioned they
    wanted to come and say hello but couldn't find your photo.


    ps have a lovely lovely time in Waterford


    ppps you might consider getting rid of the comment verification
    as it is a nuisance and puts people off!!!

  3. ppps I sound like a real bossy boots to you!!!!


  4. Hi, I've come over from Green Day to say hi. I came over earlier but couldn't find your picture. I remember the first time I tried to do a link -I totaly couldn't get the hang of it. Eventually I asked and another very helpful blogger pointed me in the right direction. Never looked back since, lol.
    If you need a help just shout!!!
    Nice meeting you and I'm going to sign up as your newest follower. Feel free to come over and visit anytime :))