Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was very lucky to be awarded my first award today from Fiona from raindrop and daisies one of my favourite reads.

So I have decided to award some new blogs that have caught my attention recently and a blog that introduced me to the fun of blogging

Mary at
Translated it is housewife in London
Mary writes about life in London and her impending birth plus shows us some lovely chic outfits.

Kasey at
Kasey writes about life in Hawaii she moved their from Chicago when her husband lost his job. She always puts a smile in my face with her funny tales.

Anne at
Anne was my first Irish blog to follow and I look forward to her posts. She writes about fashion, cookery, interior decoration and her family.

I chose 3 very different blogs as my choice for the award. Hope you enjoy looking at them.


  1. Congratulations!
    You have a lovely blog! ;)

  2. Thahk you Inge...lovely words and congrats on getting the award! You have a lovely blog too:)

  3. I know Anne's blog well and it is great
    I will check out the others too.

    Take care


  4. Thank you, much appreciated! And congratulations on yours of course! x