Monday, July 30, 2012


I have to say I did enjoy the opening ceremony. My highlight was the way the torch was lit at the end with a petal for each country it was an engineering feat.

I also enjoyed David Beckham in the boat I thought this was so cool.

As for the outfits worn by the British team they looked like something Elvis would wear. While many have mentioned how stylish white and gold can be together this did not work.

Good luck to the Irish team and fingers crossed for Annalise Murphy (pictured below) who did so well in the sailing today.


  1. Fingers toes and everything crossed
    that Ireland do well!

  2. I also enjoyed theopening ceremony, as I do each evening watching sports :)

  3. I'm finally back from my lovely trip but was sorry to have missed the ceremony. I'm looking forward to seeing it sometime though.