Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I love scarves I wear them both summer and winter.

This week I took out my woollen scarves and put away my summer light weight scarves. I never go out in the winter without a scarf.

The following pictures make me cosy just looking at them.

Are you a scarf lover?


  1. Hi Inge,

    I love scarves but have far too many
    I have scarves in every colour of the rainbow,
    winter ones, summer ones, autumn ones and lovely bright springtime ones!

    I'm a scarf addict.

    Only thing is I see them tied beautifully on other people and on me....
    well they don't seem to look so great!

    Hope you having week
    despite the rotten weather!

    x Fiona

  2. Hallo Inge!Yes!I have scarves!So many for winter!But i dont see winter coming here!Its so hot!!Have a nice evening my dear! My love to Ireland!

  3. Lovely photos! I have quite a few but can never resist new ones:)

  4. Inge - when I'm at the supermarket I can't see a thing on the labels anymore, that was so funny, mum holds up things asking for the expiry date and I'm now saying, don't know can't read it, arrgh!

    I really do want to be Gwyneth, she's perfect.