Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well it is November and boy it is so cold here today. Scarves and gloves are a must at the moment. The heat is on and the house is cosy.

I do not know about you but I crave chocolate when the weather is cold and I am not normally a sweet tooth person.

I enjoy curling up on the couch with a strong cup of coffee and a magazine or even blogging with a candle burning in the room. So I tend to relax more in the winter months.

What do you like to do on these cold winter evenings?


  1. Lindas fotos e desejo um ótimo e lindo NOVEMBRO! beijos,chica

  2. Oh, I wish I didn't have to work. When, by chance, I get half a day off (like today!!) I like to just sit by the fire and browse the web or watch something. I agree with you; winter months are ideal for unwinding. Nice selection of pictures!

  3. Loving the look of that fire - inspires me to light one tonight!

  4. Hallo Inge!Happy November month!Nice cozy pictures!Have a lovely weekend!