Friday, March 29, 2013


A happy Easter to all my blogging friends.

I was due to go away for the weekend but because snow is forecast we have decided to stay home. It will be a weekend of relaxing, yoga, rugby and eating chocolate. I love to eat my Easter egg with a cup of tea. How do you like to eat yours?

I hope to wear a dress on Easter Sunday I bought an Allegra hicks dress but I think I will be wearing it with tights.

Spring does feel like it is arriving the daffodils are out and there are lots of baby lambs.

I hope you have a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate and fun.


  1. What a great post. I love the cute critters. And the dress is pretty. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. Happy Easter!

  2. Hallo Inge!!Beautiful post!!I love eating chocolate!!Hope the weather will be better soon in Ireland!!Thank you so much for your comment!!I appreciate it!!Happy Easter to you and your family!!Have a wonderful time!My love to Ireland!

  3. Happy Easter Inge...gorgeous dress!

  4. Lovely photos. I love the little tea cup and the dress of course! Happy Easter!

  5. Would love to see your Allegra Hicks dress, just trying to remember which famous person was her father-mother?

    1. Her father in law was David Hicks the famous designer and her sister in law India hicks famous for being Lady Diana 's flower girl. India has a lovely blog worth taking a look at

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks for your comment and no I don't mind you saying what you said!!! I think you're right and one thing about having a blog is the ability to look back and see just how the present has affected my peace of mind. Interesting! Lou x

  7. Happy Easter, Inge!!! nice post!!!
    Have a good week! and my g+!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  8. Hi Inge,

    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! Lovely post and love the dress!