Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Well I certainly did not manage to have a relaxing weekend.

I woke up on Sunday looking forward to a day pottering around the house and waved my husband and Rocky the dog off as they were travelling down the country to our holiday home. I received a phone call from my husband who was on the side of the motorway and he said he thought he was having a heart attack or a stroke and had called an ambulance.

I think you can imagine my stress and upset as I rushed with my son to meet them. As in all these situations there were funny moments such as when I arrived to see the ambulance with its lights flashing and out comes this little furry head .they had taken Rocky in to settle him. How your life can change in seconds. My husband is doing much better and they think that he moved suddenly and caused a blockage that resulted in him losing consciousness. More tests to go but hopefully he will be fine. But a relaxing weekend it certainly was not.

I just think this thought is so lovely and true.

So here is hoping for a fun week for all my blogging friends.


  1. You must have got an awful shock Inge!! Hope your husband will be back to full health soon.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes it was such a schock I do not think I have recovered yet.

  2. Glad he feels better! Do take care

  3. OMG Inge!I hope your husband is much better now!I wish to him α good recοvery!!Τake care!My love to Ireland!

  4. That must have been such a terrible shock for you and your son. I hope your husband is now feeling much better.

  5. Still. Worrying time lots of tests. Thank you for your kind wishes