Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay i need to have a little rant and I know this may not be politically correct but why oh why do the fattest, most well endowed, least attractive people go topless.

I did in my late teens go topless in Greece like most Europeans and then I got sense.

This ladies as Joan Rivers would say has breasts that are down to her knees and she has not seen size 8 to 20 on any clothes labels in a long time. Couple this with the fact her elastic is gone in her bekini bottoms you get the picture. If you can afford to stay in a five star resort you can afford a new swimsuit. Everyone is looking at her.

The problem is she sat on the bed beside me I am not so rude as to move but all I see are these enormous breasts. It's put me off my lunch and glass of rose (well maybe not the wine).

The chicest lady at the pool is a lady in her eighties wearing a black swimsuit lovely kaftan and straw hat. You can look good covered up.


  1. Delighted you are enjoying your holidays! Happy belated Anniversary:)

  2. Hilarious! And too too true. I am all your covering up!