Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Countdown to home only 3 days left. It is countdown to going home we have had a wonderful holiday but I am looking forward to going home to see the family and of course rocky the dog.

It will be detox and fitness for the next while I have over indulged but is that not what holidays are about.

We stayed in the Princess Yaiza Hotel the staff are superb service is fantastic and always with a smile.

I hope I return to good weather because you feel your holiday continues when you continue to wear your holiday outfits.


  1. Weather changed a little today! It is supposed to return for the bank holiday weekend:)

  2. I am feeling happier just looking at these pictures - what is it about blue pool and bluer skies that lifts your spirits. Make sure you post loads of pics of your resort outfits!

    1. I will on my return although I think it's a sign of age I have about 3 photos. Of me and 50 of scenery

  3. Hi I found you through Anne's blog.

    You have a lovely blog here and I will be back to visit you again.

    Glad that you had a great holiday in the Yaiza.
    We were there at Easter but the weather was rubbish!

    Have a good weekend.


  4. Thank you so much for dropping in