Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holiday couples

You know we all do it on holidays spend our time looking at people deciding in our mind who they are or what the do. I am not going to comment on the is that is daughter or his wife couple but rather 2 couples who stand out because they love each other so much.

The honeymooners
Of course I'm not sure they are on honeymoon but they act in that adoring way. He does everything for her fixes her sunbed, lovingly puts on sun cream puts oil on her hair. While she drinks her cava at lunch he sits there so happy. They are fit and such a good looking happy couple. This is young love.

Older couple
This couple are in their eighties and the poor husband is frail and has a bad stoop. But they have such fun and are so happy and polite. It was funny they were walking on front of us to lunch and she pulled his shorts up at the back and my husband laughed to me nagging never stops. But they are so kind and loving to each other. I just love looking at them.

When you can laze around doing nothing people watching is fun.

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