Saturday, January 5, 2013


After seeing the picture of Kim kardashian revealing a lot in her gym gear. I thought horror of horrors what if the person behind me In spinning saw the same sight enough to put them off their dinner I think.

So I went sportswear shopping.

I got a couple of pairs of Capri leggings from MPG.I usually get lulu lemon but I liked the colours of these.

I bought a pair of yoga trousers and top from calmia my favourite for yoga clothes.

Finally I bought a Nike top for running as I hope to return to running this year.

If nothing else I will feel good in my new clothes.


  1. Hallo Inge!Very funny the first picture!And you did well,happy yoga lessons with your new outfit!Have a great weekend!My love to Ireland!

  2. rssssss Tive que rir da tua inspiração. beijos,tudo de bom,chica

  3. You are great for exercising ...I really should join something! Hope you are having a good weekend:)

  4. I love lululemon, I swear it holds everything in!! Thanks for all the Dublin tips, I wrote everything down to take with me!!

    1. Hope they are useful I am sure Anne will have many more tips.

  5. Happy New Clothes:) and New Year too! ;)

  6. I love Naffta sportswear sure you can see it online!
    I practice yoga and I really like this brand is very pretty and good quality!!
    Have a good week! and my g+...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. Happy New Year to you - a little belated but I've been away for a week and I'm just catching up on your posts. These pictures make me want to buy some new gym wear (well for aerobics and Zumba - I don't go to the gym as I need motivation from being in a class!!)